LatinChat Help

  • Presentation

    LatinChat welcomes you to our Chat Room Services. This is a complete guide of our Chat Room services, created to solve most problems and common questions regarding the website use. A short explanation of the tools and options of the website makes it easier to use and take advantage of its full potential.

    Remember that is you still have doubs and questions regarding chat room use, you may ask the Chat Room Operators and Administrators in the chat rooms. You can recognize them because the hay ve a @ simbol before their nicknames. If there are none available, you may always go to the oficial support chat room #opers_help where net operators will help you solve your problems.

    Thank you and we hope you enjoy your visit.

  • How to Join a Chat Room

    When entering a chat room, you will access the following window:

    Login Chat
    • Nickname

      Your Nickname is automatically assigned to you, we recomend you change your Nickname to a personalized one and register it, in order to keep other people from using it. This enables you to be recognized by new cyberfriends.

      Before Choosing your Nickname, read this:

      • Nicknames can't have empty spaces
      • Nicknames can't (-)
      • Nicknames can't have any extended ASCII characters

      The following characters are not allowed: ¡ " # $ % & ' ( ) * + . / : ; < = >? @ \

    • Password

      If your Nickname is registered you should log in using your nickname and password. When a nickname is registered, it is registered to an e-mail address. A generated password is sent to that e-mail and you may change your password anytime

    • Chat Room

      This menu shows a list of available chat rooms in each category. Take a look and choose the one that best suits you.